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Mercedes G63 Brabus 800 Adventure XLP

Brabus 800 Adventure XLP Based on the Mercedes G63 AMG, the engineers, technicians and designers of BRABUS developed a high-performance pickup with outstanding off-road capability, which they achieved with a newly designed BRABUS special suspension with portal axles.

Mercedes G63 Hoffele

With 577 handcrafted horses, the AMG G63 is a legend raised to a higher power for a new era. Advanced luxury, unwavering confidence, and extensive individualization let you create a G that’s at ease in any corner of the world.

Mercedes SLS AMG

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (C197 / R197) is a front mid-engine, 2-seater, limited production grand tourer developed by the Mercedes-AMG division of German automotive manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, with the assistance of David Coulthard.