apple maps reroute around traffic

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Though it will set you back $50 an annual subscription to its Basic mode, which gives you turn-by-turn navigation, the app will at least let you plan routes without suggesting helpful alternatives mid-trip. If you're a business owner and want to correct the information about one of your locations in Maps, sign in to Places on Maps. If the lock in the lower-left corner is closed, clickit, then enter your user name and password. Rand Mcnally GPS: How to Update. Apple Maps will give you directions to find your vehicle. By default, Apple Maps shows you the quickest route from A to B when youre driving somewhere, but you dont always have to take it. Maybe youd like a three-dimensional view of more places so you can know in advance if a walk is going to be especially strenuous. While youre actively following a route, tap the icon at the bottom of Google Maps that looks like a fork in the road with the left path dotted and one right path in black. Say youre camping, hiking or you need to head north. Apple gets traffic incident and road blockage/closures from Waze (tap on the icons and they say where the data is from; usually Waze or your local highway patrol), only Google Maps gets access to traffic data. This feature was originally launched for drivers, but now you can share your ETA when you load up walking and cycling directions too. When planning a trip, you often research a route on your computer before switching to your phone to make the actual journey. With a map showing, tap the button at the top right, choose Driving or Satellite, then tap . It gets me lost in the city all the time, doesn't have an option to download offline maps, it's traffic and fast map routing are WAY behind Google's. I got rerouted 4 times the other day due to some crazy traffic. Next, go back to your general Settings, and go to Maps. In addition to taking virtual helicopter rides, you can use the feature to scout out locations before you visit. Good job Apple. On iOS, tap the i icon (top right), then Satellite, then 3D; on macOS, click Satellite, then the 3D button. When using Maps for driving directions, more detailed road information is available. Set Leaving and Arriving Times. America's Digital Goddess and all material pertaining thereto is a Registered Trademark / Servicemark: No. From the menu bar in Maps, choose Maps > Report an Issue. So maybe next time you hit the road, consider trying it out with some of these tips. Now that Apple has even admit to letting Google Maps run on Apple Car play and via Siri now, I really don't see a point of Apple maps anymore. After all, its much easier to mount a phone than a MacBook Pro on your car dashboard. You can also track . Join PopSci+ to read sciences greatest stories. | Once it is, touch the route card at the bottom of the screen in navigation mode to find the Share ETA button. Some of these same trackpad shortcuts will work on an iOS touchscreen. Neither AM nor GM have that crowdsourcing ability. This doesn't affect our editorial independence. 100%. This all happened automatically, without any prompts or anything of the like. In Settings, go to Maps, then Driving & Navigation. You can send a map reference via Messages, via Mail, or just copy the link to your location to paste it into another app. You can now help out your fellow drivers by reporting what you see on the road, whether its an accident, a hazard, or a police speed check. The icon will fill in, and Maps will show you where youre currently located. Take this Harvard quiz for people 65+, 4 suspicious behaviors to avoid at the self-checkout line, Find out whos calling you from an unknown or blocked number, Security tip: The right way to clean out your smartphone apps, Protect your privacy, your cell phone number and email address, 5 handy Google apps you should be using on your Android, Tech how-to: Control your computer using your phone, Cable companies offering free internet service See if you qualify, Privacy how-to: Secure ways to hide naked photos, More episodes of Kim Komando Daily Tech Update. But I decide -- for whatever reason -- to take route C, so I select that route (maybe, for instance, I know something that Apple Maps doesn't, or I just want to take a more scenic route). apple maps reroute around traffic. Tap the Google Maps menu button, tap Offline Maps, and tap Custom Map. Apple is working on a redesigned version of the larger-screened iMac that could bring back the "iMac Pro" name. . If you lose your car in a large parking lot, open Apple Maps and tap the search field, then type Parked Car, or simply select the icon. Get traffic and weather info in Maps on iPhone Find out about traffic conditions With a map showing, tap the button at the top right, choose Driving or Satellite, then tap . Say Hey Siri, and then follow it with something like report an accident or theres something in the road depending on what youve seen. It's between FaceTime and Compass (as you can see above). OWC Thunderbolt Go Dock - Perfect for New MacBook Pros! Even in places that lack the guided tour, you can sometimes see 3D imagery of your destination. One of the best features that Apple Maps has and Google Maps doesnt (yet) is the ability to take a 3D flyover of major cities. In iOSs Settings app, tap Cellular > Google Maps to disable cellular downloads, which prevents updates during a trip, but also disables traffic information. Its impossible to safely look at your screen when driving and see what you need to. The latter seemed to wait until I was nearer the junction with the hold up before recommending a different route even though the solution offered by both map apps was identical. Tap on the person, or people, you want to send your ETA to, and theyll receive the information as a text message. Tap the information icon in Apple Maps to change the map style or report a problem. The moment you select Driving or Satellite maps, you will start seeing local traffic conditions. It will show you a range of options close to your current trajectory, which lets you make your pick based on location and the amount of added travel time. The trip is 18.8 miles (30.2 km) long and will take around 28 mins. Unfortunately, Google wont let you disable automatic re-routing, but if you use Google offline maps and turn off cellular access for Google, you can simulate this! I wish Apple maps gave you warnings like waze does about hidden police and stuff like that. On Google Maps, you can also turn on "Wi-Fi Only" mode within the app itself, which should prevent traffic rerouting, but make sure you've downloaded an offline map of your route first. Apple Maps is supposed to really suck. To bring up these and other options, head into the Maps and Driving & Navigation section of the iOS Settings menu. It's still way behind Google Maps (at least in Europe). For a free alternative, Android users might want to check out the offline mapping app MapFactor Navigator, which should also prevent annoying suggested reroutes. You can always use the compass app on your phone, but if you need a map at the same time just add a compass to your Apple Maps screen. 2,281,044. Roads, neighborhoods, trees, and buildings are shown in full detail, and there are 3D representations of landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge. An unofficial community to discuss Apple devices and software, including news, rumors, opinions and analysis pertaining to the company located at One Apple Park Way. There is a new interface for picking a map, with previews of what each map looks like. Apple has maps to compete, and that's really it. Tap the hourly forecast to get a multiday forecast in the Weather app. Today, traffic jams are popping up unexpectedly in previously quiet neighborhoods around the country and the world. Instead, on iOS, try going to Settings > Maps (or scrolling down more to find the name of the mapping app you use) and turn off Cellular Data. If there's flooding on a road, for example, Maps will reroute you around the flooding, or let you know about it so you can avoid the trip. As you drive, you see real-time traffic, current speed limits, and nearby speed cameras. In some regions, the air quality index (AQI) also appears in the lower-right corner. In fact, it tends to be outright deleted or ignored while users turn to third-party apps like Waze or even Google Maps. Waze doesn't warn you, it allows other drivers to warn you. Sign up to receive Popular Science's emails and get the highlights. You should know how to use your iPhone's default map app. I dont know how waze does it. It can be hard to let a friend know if youre going to be late meeting them without calling or texting, which is horribly unsafe when youre driving. This only works when your iPhone has been connected to a car stereo via Bluetooth or CarPlay. Once youve completed the detour, your original goal will reappear, so you can get back to the main purpose of your trip. I dont know. From the top right, select the map button. In the Settings app, tap General, then tap Date & Time. 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