I have to think fast and move even faster to stay one step ahead of the Decepti-creeps. After Astrotrain had taken Megatron X away, Ratchet presented the recovered Windblade to the Autobots, Bumblebee hugging his friend. friendly, caring, cooperative, brave, collected, formidable, humane, selfless, honorable, driven She was a fan-made Transformer made in her facial appearance is a reference to painted masks of . Introducing himself as Croaton, the Titan told them his story, apologizing for any trouble he'd caused before he set off to find the colonists that had been abducted from him. His "Sting Shot" Action Attack gimmick causes a blade to pop out of his right arm when triggered. Shadowstriker, While evading a second Decepticon shuttle near Earth's space bridge, Bumblebee remembered Maccadam's on his own. However, Sky-Byte, not fooled by the Autobot ploy, attacked the Ark and broke onto the bridge, Grimlock knocking the attacker back out into space. If you're a fan of Transformers: Cyberverse, then this is the place for you. Unfortunately, the drone was the bait in a trap laid by the Seekers. One the most powerful foot soldiers in Megatrons war on me and the rest of the Autobots? "- Bumblebee, "Everyone thought Jetfire exploded in a plume of jet smoke while battling his nemesis, Sky-Byte. Megatron Is My Hero, Despite his disability, Bumblebee managed to inform Optimus of Megatron's plan prompting the Prime to launch the AllSpark off-world. This page was last modified on 22 January 2023, at 12:52. SEE TRANSFORMERS APPS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR DEVICE! However, his plan was foiled when Optimus Prime destroyed the device connecting the emitters. Upon returning to the Ark, a distress came in from the Nemesis, under siege from Starscream. The book is as titled.It is no specific continuity as people can do any continuity they like, however continuities may not crossover as that gets complicated. Megatron Is My Hero Poking around the shuttle some more, Bumblebee found a Cube, reawakening his memories of his and Windblade's first meeting. Anyway, turns out being cloaked in mystery makes you very difficult to defeat, and even more difficult to buy presents for. "- Bumblebee, "Shockwave is devious, brilliant, and totally mad! No one can give those Decepticon Seeker jets a fly for their money like Windblade can. Transformers (Marvel Generation One) | Bumblebee | Romance Bumblebee X Oc. While it seemed as though Cheetor and Bumblebee escaped through the Groundbridge Nexus, they were unexpectedly attacked and paralyzed by Acid Storm, who took them back to Starscreams new lair. While Bumblebee tried his best to hold Thundercracker off, his stinger malfunctioned and Windblade ordered him to retreat to a nearby mineshaft instead. She has enough of it. With the alien dead, the three moved outside to deal with the brainwashed Croaton. Hot Rod then sighted the moon cheetah outside the Ark, the two scouts racing after it. optimus; bumblebee; starscream +6 more # 3. The two eventually discovered that the cause of the ghosts was an obicular-class parasitic entity. The tin the dominos came in was very badly damaged and dented in and not usable, but the dominos inside were not damaged. Its a good thing hes on our side, because when Thunderhowl converts to Wolf Mode, he harnesses a beast-like power that is almost impossible to match. I've already done a Transformers Ask or Dare book and am working on the second book now but I decided to also make a Transformers Ask or Dare book just for the Cybervers a Sequel to "I hate you for what you did but I miss you like a little kid" All rights reserved. Transformers: Cyberverse . Completed. The Other One, Bumblebee was doing construction work, along with Grimlock and the Purple Play-Doh. But the one I love the most is the Cyberverse! This work could have adult content. Im not scared of much, but this guy gives me the heebie-jeebies. Left in the dust by Hot Rod and the cheetah's speed, Bumblebee failed to make it to the GroundBridge before it closed. Channeling his multiverse energy, Bumblebee shattered the entity, not only retrieving Windblade's shard but freeing Cosmos, who'd been held captive by the alien. Luckily for the Autobots he lived to fight (and fight, and fight) another day. The End Of The Universe I The shifts eventually put Bumblebee next to the portal home. The gadgets were effective, but the supersoldiers merely teleported away and continued their conflict. Maccadam's, Bumblebee's past would soon return to haunt him as when he attempted to prevent an energon shipment from crashing into Iacon City. Scout Class Windblade figure inspired by the Cyberverse animated series Each Action Attackers figure performs a signature character attack move Convert Windblade to activate Turbine Thrash Action Attack move Once converted, attack move can be repeated through easy reactivation steps Changes from robot to jet mode in 8 steps . No one can give those Decepticon Seeker jets a fly for their money like Windblade can. As a propaganda move, Megatron made a video directed at the people of Earth that claimed that Starscream tragically lost his life at the hands of the Autobots. When the group reached the multiverse drive, they were confronted by the Scientist. Charlie knew before she bonded with Bumblebee that he and Windblade had been casual sex partners before the fall of Cybertron, but after a movie night in Bee and Charlies quarters, Charlie realizes that Bees feelings for Windblade werent as casual as she thought. Maccadam's At one point afterwards, Bumblebee played a round of Cube with Windblade, but lost despite his best efforts. Megatron covered his optics with one hand and whispered, Dear Primus not again.. Making his way to the cityspeaker chamber, Bumblebee was found by Shadow Striker who took him to Windblade's braindead body in the infirmary. I am a very serious and important Autobot. Escape From Earth Later, he attempted to have the Autobots destroy each other by sabotaging one of the Wheeljack's new AllSpark emitters. And once Windblade puts her mind to something, she is unstoppable." - Bumblebee Bumblebee, Starscream and Windblade go downtown for date night. No one knows the source of his enormous strength and catlike reflexes. No Archive Warnings Apply (1179) The End Of The Universe I, To fuel Starscream's metamorphosis, the Quintessons began draining the energon of both the Cybertronian race and the AllSpark once they conquered the metallic planet. The Perfect Decepticon, A series of multiversal Bumblebees were among those who found themselves trapped in unspace after attempting to use the improperly repaired space bridge. Seriously, this is one bad Decepticon with an even worse attitude. In a later mission, Bumblebee and Optimus fought off the Seekers in the ruins of the Grand Imperium. Though the former star brought Bumblebee to the moon, his obsession with the macabre led to the two exploring the abandoned communications hub where Bumblebee was haunted by ghosts of fallen warriors. When he returned to the battlefield, Croaton was on the verge of defeat, forcing Starscream to kill Iaconus by dumping some unspace matter on his head. Windblade finds where she fits into Starscream and Bumblebee's relationship. "- Bumblebee, "Ugh, Starscream. Deal with it, Megatron! Includes Windblade figure and instructions. Hiba trtnt. Refresh your browser window to try again. - Bumblebee, "Ah, Acid Storm. Seekers are so overrated anyway. - Bumblebee, "Think of the most dangerous mission a bot could possibly volunteer for. Windblade aimed to please. Memory Much to his ire, this would not prove an isolated occurrence and he swore to demote Slipstream as far he could when he came to Earth. The Other One, Bumblebee was present at the signing of the Treaty of the Wall, but, along with all the other Autobots and Decepticons, was frozen by Mercenaries' time blaster. # 1. After initially clashing with Shadow Striker, Bumblebee entered the Ark with Teletraan and made his way to the hibernation bay. I'm PheonixTiger you can call me Tiger. Along with Hot Rod, Bumblebee was assigned to guard Cheetor, the three remaining on the outskirts of the battle under orders to not enter the Threshold of the Well until a direct path had been cleared. He participated in the council meeting to discuss Astrotrains warning of an impending threat, and when Tarn arrived, under attack by two Decepticon supersoldiers, Bumblebee and Optimus restrained one of them. Before the Great War, Starscream took the newly arrived Camien Windblade to a Cube game where he flaunted his upper-class credentials by mocking the plebs and having Bumblebee be kicked out of the stadium. With the planet utterly lost, the trio made a mad dash for the space bridge with Blurr, infected by the Plague, stayed behind to destroy the portal and prevent the spread of the disease to other Cybertronian worlds. Seconds before the cryo-gas overtook Bumblebee, Teletraan detected the AllSpark only for the scout to fall into stasis before he could abort the hibernation sequence. I Am The Allspark, Guarded by Prowl and Rack'n'Ruin, Starscream attempted to unleash his AllSpark power upon reawakening, only to realize he no longer had it after Rack'n'Ruin mocked him for it. This is my old Transformers x Reader Book if you wish to read. He and I are actually close personal friends. DIVE INTO THE EXCITING TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE, WHERE EVERYTHING IS MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! He just gets really worked up about new inventions!" Some of the older Autobots might call him a showoff, but he's my favorite person to pull off reckless stunts with. Completed. At the same time. Thankfully he uses his powers to defend the side of good against those nasty Decepti-creeps. - Bumblebee, As a scout, my job is to secure valuable intel and get it back to Optimus Prime and the other Autobots. Silent Strike. This was a request. As the two duked it out, they found themselves pinned under a beam where Shadow Striker recounted the tale behind her survival and reconstruction. Parley Anticipating the Autobots' arrival, Starscream abandoned his temporary base and led his Scraplets in an attack on the Nemesis, draining the energon from the Decepticons. Maccadam informed the two he would be staying behind but reassured them that, though they would go their separate ways for a while, they'd see each other again and their friendship would endure. He would later be unfrozen by Wheeljack's machine and could be seen celebrating the reunification of Cybertron with his fellow Cybertronians.The Immobilizers, Bumblebee participated in the ceremony at the grand opening of Trypticon Plaza. The Autobots teleported to the Cube arena, and Bumblebee rushed to Optimus side. World of Nintendo Super Mario Underground Diorama Collectible Set (234694101932). Autobot insignia is missing the white shape inside the top section, Play Doh Videos | Bumblebees Giant Robot Construction Transformers x Play-Doh | The Play-Doh Show, Autobots VS Decepticons! Feel free to join! Eruption, Months of Earth-bound battles eventually resulted in the humans becoming aware of the Transformers. And he's always driving circles around the Decepticons!" Along with the other Autobots, Bumblebee battled several supersoldiers and received a power boost of multiverse energy from Optimus Prime. The Monsterbots guided the duo to the Well where they found Shockwave waiting for them. He was surprised when Optimus announced his intention to retire. I do not like anything that is not orderly. What happens when they find some alone time memories between the two. Teletraan-X After listening to Teletraan recount the entirety of human history (which took 4.5 hours), Bumblebee outright asked where the Ark was something Teletraan didn't know. Though managing to shake off Starscream and Shadow Striker, Bumblebee was defeated by Soundwave and brought to Megatron who revealed his master plan was to use Vector Sigma to reprogram the AllSpark and have it birth a generation of loyal Decepticons. His attempt was interrupted by Cheetor's arrival, who fought Starscream and extracted the AllSpark from his armor, using it to restore everyone and disable the Scraplets. When the two Autobots fled, Bumblebee assured his friend that their being alive was victory enough. Chapters: Good thing I'm way over-prepared to outmatch a Seeker henchbot. Bumblebee later attended Soundwaves memorial, and followed Optimus outside to talk. Here, you can write your own stories for the series and connect with other fans of the show. Kadee just wishes to get away from everyone and her pain. The Judge Using his newfound powers on his foes, Judge Starscream prolonged the Transformers' trial, wanting both Optimus Prime and Megatron present so they could stand trial for all their wrongdoings towards him. Starscream's Children, As Cheetor attempted to find his place in the Autobot chain of command, Bumblebee decided to train him as a scout. Cube, Starscream later attended the rally where Megatron unveiled the Decepticon faction and emblem. While Cheetor failed to retrieve the AllSpark, he did manage to have it send out a wave of energy that healed the Nemesis and everyone aboard. When the shifting of the craft allowed Bumblebee to free himself, he showed Shadow Striker mercy only for her to make another attempt to kill him, his life being saved by the timely arrival of Grimlock. Battle For Cybertron IV, The peace would not last long however. In Episode 9 of 'Transformers Cyberverse,' Bumblebee revisits memories of his arch nemesis Shadowstriker and learns there's more to being a hero than just knowing how to fight. Ruthless, cruel, and -- how do I say this nicely -- evil to his core. He then issued a challenge to them: anyone who succeeded in bringing him the head of Optimus Prime would take Starscream's place as his second-in-command. The End Of The Universe II, Though Judge Starscream panicked, the Scientist calmly called in the brainwashed Croaton to deal with Iaconus, even if the War Titan proved able to punt Starscream across the horizon. eBay pnzvisszafizetsi garancia j ablakban vagy lapon nylik meg, Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures Cyclone Strike Windblade figura, kiegyenltett fizets j ablakban vagy lapon nylik meg, a visszakldtt rucikkekkel kapcsolatos tovbbi informcikrt. When the Decepticons constructed a Planet Smasher on Earth's moon, the Autobots travelled to the satellite, Bumblebee using the low gravity to dance around the aerial Decepticons before their enemies retreated behind a force field. Bumblebee attacked his arch foe only to be defeated and once again being saved by Grimlock. Joined by Optimus and Hot Rod, the two scouts followed the cityspeaker to the planet's surface and found an abandoned city which Windblade tried to reach the centre of. At some point, Bumblebee's voice box was repaired. The beacon led them to a missile silo where they found Teletraan-X, an auxiliary data drone from the Ark. Hot Rod is always down for a friendly race to prove he rules the roads. Please consider turning it on! Sabotage, As the two sought shelter at an airfield, Bumblebee picked up an Autobot distress signal. The magenta femme also became close with Orion, Bumblebee, and especially Acree, since she was the only other femme on the team. If he's around, you're getting left in the dust-- andhe'salwaysgoingsofastthathetalkslike thisandnoonecaneverfigureoutwhathe'stryingtosay!" Windblade and Bumblebee (Cyberverse) are best friends throughout the war against the Decepticons. Little do they know, those insecurities are more similar than they think. Personally, I think the dude needs a more productive hobby." Thrown around by the change in pressure, Grimlock shook loose the restraints on several stasis pods, causing them to fly out of the ship. Whiteout, As Bumblebee started to remember his early encounters with Megatron, he began to idolize the gladiator once again much to Windblade's alarm. "-Bumblebee The resourceful Windblade uses her telepathic Cityspeaker powers to defend justice with the Heroic Autobots. Venus Alpha as she helps her amnesiac friend Bumblebee, remember his past with the help of their friend Windblade, helps wake up her old friends, find the Allspark to . Memory, The Ark's journey was not a glamorous one and soon its energon supply began to dwindle. With no recourse, the three Autobots used the drive and jumped into another universe only to be confounded by its shifting architecture. Meeting up with other versions of themselves, the nine groups of Autobots used all their AllSparks to punch open a portal back to their universes. While Megatron promptly shot the Quintesson dead, he deployed an army of backup bodies, Bumblebee and Optimus holding them off as Wheeljack, backed up by Megatron and Dead End, disabled the drive only for the Decepticons to betray Wheeljack as they fled to another universe. Dark Birth, Believing these new beings housed the sparks of ancient Transformers reclaimed from the AllSpark, Starscream plotted to use his new "children" to further his plans. So.., this is my very first story I'm posting and as you can tell by the title, it's a transformers story. Awaken Sleeping Giants, Their joy was short-lived as the Decepticons returned, now revealed to have been tracking them via Shockwave's drones. 6.6K 129 8. Windblade is a cityspeaker and an Autobot that can give the Decepticon Seekers a fly for their money. Before he could pass his judgment on the Prime, Megatron returned aboard Astrotrain, attacking Starscream with exotic energy manipulation abilities that he had gained while in another reality. S A girl named Kadee has a hard life with her parents. That said, he's a dedicated Autobot, and any Decepticon who underestimates him will find themselves on the business end of his high-voltage stinger. After the two had dealt with some energy sucking fauna, the shark returned, Bumblebee subduing it with his stinger. Shes got the whole nothings-gonna-stop-me-from-saving-the-universe thing going on. Alien Hunt! Don't judge me. Allspark, As Cybertron's condition deteriorated due to the loss of the AllSpark, Starscream led Thundercracker, and Nova Storm to the Grand Imperium where the trio attempted to slay Optimus Prime only to be bested and forced to retreat. The first of these led the two friends to Crystal City where they befriended Thunderhowl and aided him in defeating the Crystalline King. But Acid Storm does this super not-fun thing where he manipulates the weather to create toxic rain. Transformers: Cyberverse; Relationship: Bumblebee & Windblade (Transformers) Characters: Windblade (Transformers) Bumblebee (Transformers) Additional Tags: . 281 pages 8 months ago Kaycode1999 . King of the Dinosaurs, As Grimlock recounted his adventures, his systems picked up Shockwave arriving with two magnetic disruptors which the scientist intended to use to shut down Earth's magnetic field. He must know that once I come around, hell be taking losses left and right. He fought the supersoldiers with his stinger, and was aided by Repugnus and another Monsterbot, who drained his attacker of Energon, to Bumblebees horror. I don't know how we would battle Decepticons without him. After the scientist knocked Cheetor out, Bumblebee used his fallen friend's spear to disable Shockwave, allowing the two to return the AllSpark to its resting point and return life to Cybertron. Protecting Optimus, Bumblebee remained on the sidelines throughout the battle before the cavern began collapsing. For Windscream week. Hasbro does not control and is not responsible for the availability of, or content on, linked third party websites. In the battle for Cybertron, her bashing fists make her a force to be reckoned with. Back on the Ark, Optimus had Teletraan-1 confirm his hypothesis that the aliens had evolved to feed off the energon. Literally. "Picture this: me, on Earth, still cooler than everyone this side of Optimus Prime, but I've got zero memories. Leader of the Seekers and Megatron's second-in-command,[1] Starscream is the kind of guy who'd sell you out to Megatron in a heartbeat, then sell Megatron out to whoever offers him more power. All audio, visual and textual content on this site (including all names, characters, images, trademarks and logos) are protected by trademarks, copyrights and other Intellectual Property rights owned by Hasbro or its subsidiaries, licensors, licensees, suppliers and accounts. Grimlock (voiced by Ryan Andes) - King of Dinosaurs and Dinobot. When Cheetor tried to sense the artefact however, he discovered that it was not aboard the Nemesis, revealing this to everyone and ending the battle.
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