Attend either the day session OR the evening session! Police promotional examinations for career preparation, Core Concepts Our Police Training is the best choice for your Police promotional examinations and assessment centers for career advancement. TITLE SCOPE: A defined group of job titles used as a factor in determining eligibility for promotional examinations, and may also include educational, experience, and other specific requirements. Section 40:62-135.1 - Residency requirements for employees of commission operating certain water system. Section 40:48-2.66 - Permission required for posting, display of certain advertisements. Section 40:56-14 - General appropriations; contents of ordinance or resolution, Section 40:56-15 - Completion of improvements already begun, Section 40:56-16 - Choice of paving materials; advertisement for bids; hearing, Section 40:56-17 - Joint municipal improvements; agreement; contracts with county, Section 40:56-18 - Notice of intention to make contract, Section 40:56-19 - Apportionment of cost; assessments for benefits; procedure, Section 40:56-20 - Abandonment of improvement; reimbursement of costs to participants, Section 40:56-20.1 - Limitation on proceedings to review or restrain ordinance, Section 40:56-21 - Assessments; by whom made; board of assessments, Section 40:56-22 - Assessment commissioners; when necessary; appointment, Section 40:56-23 - Assessment officer or members of board or commission; oath; vacancies; compensation, Section 40:56-24 - Costs certified to assessors; contents of statement; contributions; total assessment, Section 40:56-25 - Assessors to view improvement; notice of hearing, Section 40:56-26 - Hearing; quorum; amount of assessments determined, Section 40:56-27 - Assessments proportionate to benefits; not to exceed benefits, Section 40:56-28 - Incidental damages; amount determined and deducted; damages exceeding benefits; appeal, Section 40:56-29 - Incidental damages; award tendered; payment into court in certain cases, Section 40:56-30 - Report of assessors; hearing; final report; confirmation; appeal, Section 40:56-31 - Duty of collector; books and records, Section 40:56-32 - Interest on unpaid assessments. Section 40:48-5 - Private contracts generally. Section 40:48E-6 - Tax in addition to sales and use tax. Section 40:54D-27 - Report filed with Local Finance Board. Section 40:76-27 - Certain acts prohibited; penalties, Section 40:78-1 - Villages coextensive with township; certain township offices abolished, Section 40:78-2 - Clerk to turn over records; village clerk to act, Section 40:78-3 - Village assessor succeeds township assessor, Section 40:78-4 - Village collector to succeed township collector, Section 40:78-5 - Salaries of assessor and collector, Section 40:79-3 - Municipalities governed by this subtitle; exception, Section 40:80-1 - Special election; petition, Section 40:80-2 - Clerk to call election; notice, Section 40:80-3 - Ballot; number, form and content, Section 40:80-4 - Place of holding election, Section 40:80-5 - Election agents; designated by petition, Section 40:80-6 - Time polls to be open; election officers; report, Section 40:80-7 - Clerk to certify result, Section 40:80-8 - Vote required for adoption, Section 40:80-9 - If majority against adoption no petition for two years, Section 40:80-10 - Corporate existence and name continued, Section 40:80-11 - Elective and appointive officers' terms cease; exceptions, Section 40:80-12 - Inconsistent laws inapplicable; law relating to municipal courts unaffected, Section 40:80-13 - Educational system unaffected, Section 40:80-14 - Sinking fund commissions unaffected, Section 40:80-15 - No proceedings to adopt other government within four years. Section 40:48C-1.2 - Imposition of tax, surcharge by certain municipalities. Section 40:55D-44 - Reservation of public areas, Section 40:55D-45 - Findings for planned developments, Section 40:55D-45.1 - General development plan, Section 40:55D-45.2 - Contents of general development plan. Paskelbta 2022-06-04 Autorius homes for sale in northern michigan with acreage Section 40:11A-22.4 - Eligibility determination, Section 40:11A-24 - Termination of authority. Section 40:55D-136.4 - Existing government approval; extension period. Section 40:54D-29 - Pledge of State to bondholders. Section 40:20-19 - Certain counties governed hereby, Section 40:20-20 - Membership; number; increase or decrease; proposition; submission to voters; petition; effective date, Section 40:20-20a - Terms of additional members, Section 40:20-20.4 - Proposition to change term of office, Section 40:20-20.5 - Election under adopted proposition, Section 40:20-21 - First election; terms of members first elected, Section 40:20-22 - Additional members in certain cases, Section 40:20-23 - Election; term; organization, Section 40:20-25 - Expiration of terms of existing members, Section 40:20-26 - Terms of officers; exceptions, Section 40:20-27 - Existing laws continued, Section 40:20-28 - Referendum; submission to voters, Section 40:20-29 - Petition for submission; sufficiency; filing, Section 40:20-30 - Petition; time for filing; notice of election, Section 40:20-31 - Ballot; form and content, Section 40:20-33 - Vote required for adoption, Section 40:20-35 - Certain counties governed hereby, Section 40:20-35.1 - Number of members; election; terms, Section 40:20-35.3 - Expiration of terms of existing members; filling of existing vacancies. Section 40:14B-24 - Appropriation of funds by local unit; construction, financing and operation of facilities by local unit, Section 40:14B-28 - Publication of bond resolution; limitation on actions, Section 40:14B-29 - Negotiability of bonds, Section 40:14B-30 - Agreements with holders of bonds. Whether you're looking for Section 40:65-13 - Sidewalks on land under control of county; cost; assessments and collection, Section 40:65-14 - Sidewalks in municipalities; ordinances for imposition on abutting landowners of expense of construction, repair, alteration or maintenance; procedure, Section 40:65-15 - Reimbursement of account used to pay costs connected with sidewalk improvement, Section 40:66-1 - Street cleaning; solid waste disposal; ordinances, rules, and regulations. Section 40:8-5 - Condemnation; law applicable; bonds; law applicable. Section 40:9D-1 - Definitions relative to provision of broadband telecommunications service. Section 40:14B-22.5 - Credit toward certain fees provided by municipal authority. Section 40:54D-25.1 - Transfer of assets, obligations, etc. Section 40:85-12 - If rejected no petition for two years, Section 40:103-5(71) - Incorporation; corporate name, Section 40:103-5(97) - Establishment, abolition, merger of commissions, Section 40:108-1 - Referendum act; mayor and council; wards; councilmen at large; boards and officers; improvements; beach protection; public utility plants, Section 40:109-3 - Referendum act; mayor and council; boards and officers; public utility plants and improvements; ordinances and finance, Section 40:141-1 - Waterworks; water for fire and other purposes, Section 40:141-1(1) - Board of Water Commissioners, Section 40:151-41 - Records of creation of fire district lost or destroyed; existence recognized, Section 40:151-48 - Fire districts created by legislature; assets and debts of old district distributed, Section 40:151-49 - Joint committee to divide property; appointment, Section 40:151-50 - Joint meeting; property and indebtedness apportioned, Section 40:151-51 - Quorum; procedure; clerk appointed, Section 40:151-52 - Powers; examine witnesses; subpoenas, Section 40:151-53 - Commissioners appointed where no agreement reached, Section 40:151-54 - Bonds to pay water bills in arrears prior to 1935, Section 40:160-2 - Villages separated from townships; autonomy of local government, Section 40:160-3 - Elections in villages set off from townships. Section 40:62-105 - Necessary powers conferred, Section 40:62-105.1 - Water commissioners; election; to perform duties exercised by township committee, Section 40:62-105.2 - Commissioners to be body corporate; name; general powers, Section 40:62-105.3 - Determination of amount to be raised for ensuing year; election of water commissioners, Section 40:62-105.4 - Terms of members of board of water commissioners, Section 40:62-105.6 - Annual election in water districts, Section 40:62-105.7 - Nomination of candidates for members of board, Section 40:62-105.8 - Nominating petition; certificate of person indorsed, Section 40:62-105.9 - One candidate's name on petition; number of petitions, Section 40:62-105.10 - Verification of petition, Section 40:62-105.11 - Filing of petition, Section 40:62-105.12 - Defective nominating petitions, Section 40:62-105.13 - Ballots; arrangement of candidate's names, Section 40:62-105.14 - Ballots, specifications, Section 40:62-105.16 - Paper on which ballots to be printed, Section 40:62-105.17 - Registry list of preceding general election; persons becoming of age after preceding general election, Section 40:62-105.18 - Advertisement of election, Section 40:62-105.20 - Opening and closing of polls; books for names of voters, Section 40:62-105.21 - Proclamation of opening of election; judge and tellers, Section 40:62-105.23 - Announcement of results of election, Section 40:62-105.24 - Appropriations voted on, form of question, Section 40:62-105.26 - Borrowing for current expenses and repairs, Section 40:62-105.27 - Rights and powers of water commissioners, Section 40:62-105.28 - Money for waterworks and appurtenances; vote; limitation, Section 40:62-105.29 - Meeting to determine amount to be raised; notice, Section 40:62-105.30 - Water accumulation, supply or distribution facilities; acquisition or construction, Section 40:62-105.31 - Resolution authorizing issuance of bonds; time and place of meeting; notices, Section 40:62-105.32 - Conduct of election, Section 40:62-105.33 - Bonds; form; issuance, Section 40:62-105.34 - Payment of principal, interest on bonds, Section 40:62-105.35 - Custodian of moneys; disbursements; bond of treasurer, Section 40:62-105.36 - Auditing of books of treasurer; publication of audit, Section 40:62-105.37 - Enlargement of water district, Section 40:62-105.38 - Lands included in district after enlargement, Section 40:62-105.39 - Effect of enlargement upon terms of officers and obligations of district, Section 40:62-105.40 - Dissolution of water district, Section 40:62-105.41 - Application for resolution dissolving district; notice; hearing, Section 40:62-105.42 - Refund of tax paid upon property in district abolished, Section 40:62-105.43 - Refund of taxes paid where no recital of laying off of water district appears upon records, Section 40:62-105.44 - Water district deemed abandoned when territory formed into two or more new municipalities, Section 40:62-105.45 - Allotment and division of property and money between new municipalities; "municipality" defined, Section 40:62-106 - Consolidation of water and sewer systems, Section 40:62-107 - Service shut off for nonpayment of rent, Section 40:62-107.1 - Sale of municipal water plant; deficit; amortization, Section 40:62-107.2 - Application to state auditor, Section 40:62-107.3 - Liberal construction, Section 40:62-107.4 - Purchase of water distribution system of adjoining municipality. Section 40:66A-5 - Incinerator, environmental services authority; powers to be vested in members; membership; reimbursement for expenses; election. Section 40:9B-4 - Counties or municipalities; annual appropriation for private centers. marjorie rubin harris / spectrum channel guide birmingham, al / nj title 40 police promotions. Section 40:66A-17 - Real property, acquisition of; condemnation. Section 40:11A-7 - Right of eminent domain, Section 40:11A-7.1 - Relocation or removal of public utility facilities. Section 40:27-2 - Duties of board; master plan; municipal co-operation, Section 40:27-3 - Employees; experts; master plan part of improvement; bonds, Section 40:27-4 - Hearing before plan adopted; notice of hearing; resolution; vote required; municipal master plan, official map or ordinance, Section 40:27-5 - Adding to county map; changes submitted to board; map considered binding, Section 40:27-6 - Buildings and highways; permits; hearing; penalty; enjoining construction, Section 40:27-6.2 - Review and approval of all subdivisions of land; procedures; engineering and planning standards, Section 40:27-6.3 - Submission of subdivision application to board for review and approval; report to municipal authority, Section 40:27-6.4 - Review of subdivision application; withholding of approval, Section 40:27-6.5 - Certification of subdivision plat; acceptance for filing. Section 40:14B-22.1 - Solid waste service charges. Section 40:55D-23.3 - Preparation, offering of basic course in land use law and planning; requirement. Section 40:14B-22.4 - Credit provided by utilities authority for damage caused by catastrophic event. Section 40:66A-9 - Local unit may appropriate moneys. Section 40:55D-8.7 - Certain local ordinances void. Is A Backswimmer A Secondary Consumer . Section 40:14A-38 - Findings, declarations relative to utility improvements for sewers, Section 40:14A-39 - Definitions relative to utility improvements for sewers, Section 40:14A-40 - Conditions of final site plan approval, Section 40:14A-41 - Payments to professionals for services rendered to sewerage authority, Section 40:14A-42 - Maintenance, performance guarantee; cash requirement, Section 40:14A-43 - Disputes by applicant of charges made by professional; appeal, Section 40:14A-44 - Estimate of cost of installation of improvements, Section 40:14A-45 - Acceptance of performance, maintenance guarantee which is irrevocable letter of credit, Section 40:14B-4.1 - Name change to water reclamation authority, permitted, Section 40:14B-5 - Membership of joint municipal utilities authorities; staggered terms; vacancies, Section 40:14B-6 - Reorganization of sewerage authority, Section 40:14B-7 - Filing of recognition ordinance or resolution, Section 40:14B-8 - Filing of resolution appointing authority member, Section 40:14B-11 - Election of municipalities within county to become part of county district, Section 40:14B-12 - Separations from districts, Section 40:14B-13 - Dissolution of authority, Section 40:14B-13.1 - New sewerage system authorized. Section 40:69A-29 - Powers of municipality. Section 40:54-29.6 - Notification of governing bodies after adoption of ordinance; submission of question to voters, Section 40:54-29.8 - Approval of resolution. Section 40:68A-43.1 - Provisions relative to municipal port authorities. Section 40:14A-8.4 - Credit provided by sewerage authority for damage caused by catastrophic event. Section 40:81-3 - Members elected at large, Section 40:81-4 - Members of first council; election and terms. Section 40:14B-23 - Municipal authorities. Section 40:66A-19 - Sale, lease, loan, grant or conveyance to incinerator, environmental services authority; permit. Section 40:55D-159 - Purchase by development transfer bank. Section 40:81-5 - Time of annual election; terms. Section 40:54D-3 - Definitions relative to tourist improvement and development. Section 40:12-15.8 - Propositions deemed approved by voters of municipality. Section 40:14A-5 - Powers of sewerage authority. Section 40:48B-4.1 - Contracts for joint provision of law enforcement services, Section 40:48B-4.2 - Merging of bargaining units, Section 40:48B-14 - Office of joint municipal tax assessor; establishment, Section 40:48B-15 - Appointment of joint municipal tax assessor, personnel; apportionment of operating costs, Section 40:48B-16 - Term; reappointment; removal, Section 40:48B-17 - Assessors holding office on effective date of this act, Section 40:48B-18 - Employees deemed employees of municipality having largest apportionment valuation on effective date of act, Section 40:48B-19 - Function of assessor; records, Section 40:48B-20 - Termination of joint agreement, Section 40:48B-21 - Applicability of Consolidated Municipal Service Act. Section 40:62A-2 - Establishment and maintenance of commissary; cost; profits, Section 40:63-31.1 - Sale or lease of municipal facilities to privately-owned utility; conditions, Section 40:63-31.2 - Construction of incidental facilities for sale or lease to privately-owned utility; assessment of cost, Section 40:63-31.3 - Refund or credit to property owners, Section 40:63-40 - Purchase of lateral sewers by municipality; contracts validated; bonds, Section 40:63-68 - Contracts with other municipalities generally, Section 40:63-69 - Definitions; "joint meeting" ; "improvement or works", Section 40:63-70 - Construction of improvements or works; sewers connecting therewith, Section 40:63-71 - Surveys and maps; municipalities may enter on land to inspect, Section 40:63-72 - Surveys and maps filed with municipal clerks; costs estimated, Section 40:63-73 - Surveys and maps; consideration of by each municipality, Section 40:63-74 - Rejection by municipality; notice to interested municipalities, Section 40:63-75 - Approval by municipality; resolution; notice to interested municipalities, Section 40:63-76 - Notice of intention to make, Section 40:63-77 - Contents of notice; objections to ordinance filed; procedure, Section 40:63-78 - When failure of notice not to invalidate proceedings, Section 40:63-79 - Joint contract; ordinances authorizing, Section 40:63-80 - Contents of ordinance; capacity, use, cost and expense apportioned, Section 40:63-81 - Joint contract; execution; recording, Section 40:63-82 - Proceedings after joint contract to be by resolution, Section 40:63-83 - Joint contract; modification; supplemental contract for future management, Section 40:63-84 - Separate municipal action relative to joint system; local connecting sewers, Section 40:63-85 - Joint meeting; organization; officers; vacancies; duration of power, Section 40:63-86 - Officers; oaths and bonds, Section 40:63-87 - Voting by municipalities, quorum; specific concurrence required, Section 40:63-88 - Exclusive powers except in money matters; actions by joint committee; benefits to accrue to all, Section 40:63-89 - Joint meeting; rooms and buildings, Section 40:63-90 - Reorganization when work completed; maintenance and operation, Section 40:63-91 - Acquisition of land; purchase, Section 40:63-92 - Condemnation of lands; procedure, Section 40:63-93 - Condemnation; right of entry upon appointment of commissioners, Section 40:63-94 - Contracts for improvements or works, Section 40:63-96 - Repair, rebuilding and operation; cost; provisions in contract for, Section 40:63-97 - Increase in capacity before or during construction, Section 40:63-98 - Sewers; disposal plants enlarged; approval of department of health; contract for; cost, Section 40:63-99 - Construction in other municipalities; sewers to tidewater, Section 40:63-100 - Discharge in tidewater; consent of department of health, Section 40:63-101 - Use of streets in other municipalities, Section 40:63-102 - Agreement as to terms; procedure where parties cannot agree, Section 40:63-103 - Change of grade of streets in other municipalities; regulation of work; restoration of pavements, Section 40:63-104 - Location of disposal plants in other municipalities; application, Section 40:63-105 - Rejection of application; appeal, Section 40:63-106 - Remedy of dissenting citizens if application granted, Section 40:63-106.1 - Contracts with Passaic valley sewerage commissioners for sewage disposal, Section 40:63-107 - Use of improvements or works by other municipalities; contracts; terms, Section 40:63-109 - Supplemental contract to secure additional accommodations, Section 40:63-110 - Payment for use of joint systems; bonds, Section 40:63-111 - Participating municipalities may be admitted to membership in joint meeting, Section 40:63-112 - Joint meeting to designate portion of system each may use, Section 40:63-113 - Disposal of sewage for others; contracts, Section 40:63-114 - Financial records; monthly statements to participating municipalities, Section 40:63-115 - Cost and expenses of improvements or works apportioned, Section 40:63-116 - Annual expenses; estimated and apportioned; additional payments if necessary, Section 40:63-117 - Assessment for benefits; commissioners; appointment and powers; vacancies, Section 40:63-118 - Assessment for benefits; limitation on extent, Section 40:63-119 - Commissioners; oath and duties; assessment proportionate to benefits; excess apportioned between municipalities, Section 40:63-120 - Assessments for connecting sewers; abutting property, Section 40:63-121 - Assessments on property not directly affected, Section 40:63-122 - Report of commissioners; hearing; report final when confirmed by court, Section 40:63-123 - Compensation of commissioners; costs of proceedings, Section 40:63-124 - Maps and proceedings valid despite misrecitals or other mistakes, Section 40:63-125 - Assessment for benefits; in each municipality; provision for in joint contract; procedure, Section 40:63-126 - Assessments to be a lien; collection, Section 40:63-127 - Assessments for benefits need not be made; municipality to pay whole amount, Section 40:63-128 - Bonds where no assessment for benefits, Section 40:63-129 - Injuries to adjacent land owners from joint sewage disposal plant; action for damages, Section 40:63-130 - Temporary obligations to finance work; renewal, Section 40:63-131 - Renewal of temporary obligations; assessments paid in; disposition; bonds for amount unpaid, Section 40:63-132 - Bonds and temporary obligations; general provisions; amount limited, Section 40:63-133 - Excess of cost over assessments for benefits; bonds; proceeds, Section 40:63-134 - Bonds for construction and maintenance, Section 40:63-135 - Bonds; general provisions, Section 40:63-136 - Bonds and other obligations; payment of principal and interest, Section 40:63-137 - Provisions for payment in lieu of bond issue, Section 40:63-138 - Actions brought by joint meeting; benefits to accrue to all municipalities, Section 40:64-1 - Shade tree commission; members; appointment, Section 40:64-2 - Commissioners' term lengths; alternates, Section 40:64-3 - Organization; salaries of officers and employees, Section 40:64-6 - Performance of duties of shade tree commission by park commission, Section 40:64-7 - Existing commissioners continued; duties and powers; funds, contracts and employees, Section 40:64-8 - Cost of trees and improvements; charge and lien on property; exceptions, Section 40:64-9 - Planting and removal of trees; notice and hearing; emergencies, Section 40:64-10 - Public improvements affecting trees; consent of commission; county park commissions unaffected, Section 40:64-11 - Annual appropriation; estimate; amount, Section 40:64-12 - Penalty; jurisdiction of courts; copy of ordinance as evidence, Section 40:64-13 - Disposition of penalties, Section 40:64-14 - No liability for death or injury, Section 40:65-1 - Ordinances for cost; conformance to grade; exception, Section 40:65-2 - Notice of improvement; contents, Section 40:65-4 - Publication of notice where service impossible, Section 40:65-6 - Notice of improvement unnecessary where notice of ordinance given, Section 40:65-7 - Municipality to make improvement on neglect of owner; contracts, Section 40:65-8 - Costs; record filed; apportionment and assessment; notice to owners, Section 40:65-9 - Assessments a lien; collection and enforcement; installments; errors immaterial, Section 40:65-9.1 - Repair or reconstruction of sidewalks at public expense, Section 40:65-9.3 - Appropriations and procedure, Section 40:65-9.4 - Repair or reconstruction of curbs at public expense, Section 40:65-9.6 - Appropriations and procedure, Section 40:65-11 - Municipality may make annual contract for sidewalks, Section 40:65-12 - Removal of grass, weeds, snow and ice; procedure upon failure. Section 40:55D-70.2 - Board of adjustment, determination; reasons, Section 40:55D-72 - Appeals and applications to board of adjustment, Section 40:55D-72.1 - Continuation of application, Section 40:55D-74 - Modification on appeal, Section 40:55D-75 - Stay of proceedings by appeal; exception, Section 40:55D-78 - Terms of joint agreement, Section 40:55D-79 - Membership of regional boards, Section 40:55D-80 - Organization of regional boards; rules and procedures, Section 40:55D-81 - Expenses; staff and consultants, Section 40:55D-82 - Sharing of costs and expenses, Section 40:55D-83 - Termination of agreement, Section 40:55D-84 - Regional planning board; powers, Section 40:55D-85 - Regional board of adjustment, Section 40:55D-85.1 - Appeal to municipality of final decision on application for development by regional planning board or zoning board of adjustment, Section 40:55D-86 - Appointment of joint building officials, zoning officers and planning administrative officers, Section 40:55D-87 - Joint administrative functions, Section 40:55D-88 - Delegation to county, regional and interstate bodies. Section 40:5-18 - Service charge for NSF checks; collection, Section 40:5-19 - Service charge on checks returned for insufficient funds; county imposition, fee, collection, Section 40:6A-1 - Costs of assignment of counsel or other related costs for defense of indigent person; notice; filing; duration of lien; service on defendant, Section 40:6A-3 - Remedies and collection of moneys due, Section 40:6A-4 - Compromise and settlement of claim, Section 40:7-1 - Liability of county or municipality; negligence of driver, Section 40:8-1 - Acquisition and use of lands for airports; lease to others. Law Enforcement Status Report . Section 40:62-127 - Water rates and regulations. Section 40:23-6.52 - Acceptable forms of payment for road opening permits. Section 40:48-2.51 - Penalty for violation of fee limits. Section 40:62-128 - Sale of property and distributing system; sale of water to purchaser, Section 40:62-129 - Commission to operate works and manage supply; agreement for, Section 40:62-130 - Organization; commission for acquisition of works dissolved, Section 40:62-132 - Commission cannot incur debts for municipality; appropriations for expenses, Section 40:62-133 - Acquisition of additional property, water rights and waterworks; bonds; proceeds, Section 40:62-133.1 - Findings, declarations, Section 40:62-133.2 - Commission empowered to issue bonds, Section 40:62-133.3 - Issuance of bonds by the commission, Section 40:62-133.4 - Sale of bonds, price, Section 40:62-133.5 - Bond resolution, publication, Section 40:62-133.6 - Negotiability of bonds, Section 40:62-133.7 - Provisions permitted in bond resolution, Section 40:62-133.8 - Appointment of trustee in event of default, Section 40:62-133.9 - Appointment of receiver, Section 40:62-133.10 - Commission members, State, county or local units not liable on bonds, Section 40:62-133.11 - Commission property exempt from levy, sale, Section 40:62-133.12 - Investment of sinking funds, other moneys, funds, Section 40:62-133.13 - Waterworks public property, bonds exempt from taxation, Section 40:62-133.14 - State shall not alter commission's, bond holders' rights, Section 40:62-133.15 - Agreements between commission and bank or banking institution, Section 40:62-133.16 - Filing of copy of bond resolution, Section 40:62-134 - Sale of surplus water; laying of pipes; consent required, Section 40:62-135 - Contracts; engineers and assistants. Section 40:56-78 - Limitation on liability for injury to person or property due to movable structures, appurtenances, etc. Section 40:55D-17 - Appeal to the governing body; time; notice; modification; stay of proceedings, Section 40:55D-19 - Appeal or petition in certain cases to the Board of Public Utilities, Section 40:55D-20 - Exclusive authority of planning board and board of adjustment, Section 40:55D-21 - Tolling of running of period of approval, Section 40:55D-22 - Conditional approvals. Section 40:48-2.12a1 - Inspection of buildings. Section 40:5-2.11 - Use of parking meter revenues for off-street parking facilities. Section 40:55D-53a - Standardized form for performance guarantee, maintenance guarantee, letter of credit, Section 40:55D-53b - Acceptance of standardized form.
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